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Buy Harlequin Macaw Eggs Online : The phrase harlequin actually manner clown that is pretty becoming for this cheeky and pleased species. Their medical call is the ara ararauna × ara chloroptera as they’re a mixture of the blue and gold macaw and the inexperienced-winged macaw. Both dad and mom have colourful colors which combination to create the specific appearance of the harlequin parrot. Buy Harlequin Macaw Eggs Online

Origin And History

Buy Harlequin Macaw Eggs Online : The harlequin macaw may be very uncommon withinside the wild so the giant majority are bred in captivity. The blue and gold macaw is local to Bolivia and discovered throughout Central and South America together with Brazil, Colombia, and Panama. This giant location encompasses various habitats from lowland riverside forests to open Savannah lands.  The inexperienced-winged macaw’s herbal habitat is barely much less giant spanning from jap Panama to northern nations in South America in tropical rainforests and lowlands. This makes it feasible for the 2 to satisfy and breed withinside the wild however typically, the harlequin macaw is bred in captivity and greater endangered than their dad and mom’ species. The harlequin macaw is a totally famous pet, however, so that you can discover one bred in captivity to undertake pretty easily.  There are various different macaw species that come from crossing the harlequin macaw with different breeds. The maximum not unusualplace ones encompass fiesta macaws, harligold macaws, and jubilee macaws. Buy Harlequin Macaw Eggs Online

Fertile Hyacinth Parrot Eggs

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INCUBATION DURATION : Under herbal conditions, the maximum vital thing in a hit parrot egg incubation is regulated heat. As lengthy because the egg receives sufficient of it and isn’t always authorized to lose an excessive amount of of it for too lengthy a time, the whole lot could be fine. This is authentic despite the fact that the real temperature of the egg fluctuates notably while the chook is off the nest. Buy Harlequin Macaw Eggs Online

INCUBATION DURATION;  Parrot egg incubation intervals can range through breed however are normally among 24-28 days. Some parrot breeds can hatch in as low as 18 days. Research your particular breed to discover how lengthy your egg will want to be incubated. This article assumes a 24 day hatching cycle, so that you can also additionally want to modify primarily based totally for your breed.


Hybrids just like the harlequin macaw are “the fine of each worlds.” The determine species of the harlequin typically have laid-back, affectionate personalities with top speech skills and excessive intelligence. They may be taught a laugh hints like waving, dancing, fetching, and greater. While no  birds are the same, they’re typically defined as a laugh, friendly, and relatively comical. Socialized with humans from the start, those macaws will probable experience the organization of many extraordinary people at some point of their life. You do now no longer need your birds to emerge as one-character birds or expand a desire for both guys or women, that can show up in the event that they have restricted publicity to 1 or the different. A harlequin macaw could have moments of frustration and emerge as cranky. Yet, it’s miles an super preference for folks who would really like a massive chook with an excellent mood and calm demeanor. Buy Harlequin Macaw Eggs Online

Speech and Vocalizations

All parrots have a tendency to be loud, however macaws are the poster-birds for ear-shattering vocalizations. If you don’t need your parrot to evoke you early each morning through screaming on the pinnacle of its lungs, do now no longer get a macaw. (On the upside, you may in no way omit an early morning flight when you have such a birds as an alarm clock!) Also, in case you are seeking out a conversational parrot, macaws are the manner to go. These birds can expand a vocabulary of 15 or so phrases with training. Buy Harlequin Macaw Eggs Online

How to Teach Your Bird to Talk

Harlequin Macaw Colors and Markings

Harlequin macaws have a extensive variant of their shades and patterns. They are frequently fallacious for Catalina macaws, that are any other hybrid with comparable coloration. A harlequin’s coloring relies upon totally on if the blue and gold or greenwing become the male determine. Males have dominant genes. This distinction is maximum normal withinside the shadeation of a harlequin’s breast and belly. With a blue and gold father, the breast could be red-orange. If the daddy is a greenwing, the breast feathers could be a lighter orange. Most harlequins have placing tones of inexperienced and blue on their backs. They additionally generally tend to have gold feathers on the bottom in their tail feathers. Males and women appearance the same, and with out genetic or surgical sexing, it’s almost not possible to realize the intercourse of harlequins. Buy Harlequin Macaw Eggs Online

Cage Size And Set Up

As a massive chook, the harlequin macaw wishes lots of room to transport round and a cage which could comprise severa toys for stimulation. The ideal macaw cage need to have bar spacing of 1 inch to 1.5 inches and need to be at the least 36 inches extensive, forty eight inches deep and 60 inches tall. There are lots of cage alternatives on this length however they soak up a respectable quantity of area so it’s miles vital to have sufficient area in your property to well accommodate them.


Harlequin macaws are regarded for ingesting various meals together with seeds, nuts, end result and veggies. Giving them a chunk of variant of their diets will preserve them satisfied and that they want meals which can be wealthy in oils and excessive in energy to maintain their energy.

A aggregate of a remarkable seed and pellet blend and chook-secure fruit and veggies is the fine each day diet. Safe end result encompass apples, mangoes and peaches, and secure veggies are numerous together with asparagus, beets, bell peppers, broccoli, butternut, carrots, corn at the cob, dandelion greens, collard greens, warm peppers, mushrooms, spinach, candy potatoes, tomatoes and zucchini.  Depending on their length they’ll devour ½ – ¾ of a cup of every each day.


If properly regarded after, your harlequin parrot isn’t probable to emerge as sick however there are numerous fitness troubles which you need to appearance out for. Possible troubles encompass Proventricular Dilatation disease (Macaw losing disease), Psittacosis (chlamydiosis or parrot fever), bacterial, viral, or fungal infections, feather picking, allergies, beak malformations in chicks, kidney disease (gout), heavy metallic poisoning and lipomas in older birds.Diseases may be diagnosed through loss of appetite, searching ungroomed, breathlessness, and watery eyes or swelling across the eyes. If you observe something off approximately your parrot’s look or behavior, take them to an avian vet immediately.


If you need to reproduce your harlequin macaw you first want to discover its intercourse that can simplest be executed with a surgical probe. They select their personal associates and the breeding season is spring so it’s miles vital to discover them a mate they’re capable of bond with withinside the winter. The best breeding age is 4-eight years. If your macaws do bond efficaciously you may want to feature a nest field on your cage that is a hundred inches in peak and forty inches in width and intensity to deal with the scale of the harlequin parrot. Also, ensure it’s miles positioned someplace that gives sufficient privateness and security, a quiet nook with lots of insurance works properly.

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