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The Yellow-Headed Amazon, Amazona ochrocephala, is taken into consideration through many fowl lovers to be the final parrot pet. Details of its care are properly known, so I’ll simply contact on a few critical factors after which awareness on its conduct withinside the wild.

Pet Qualities

Yellow-Headed Amazon proprietors forever describe their pets as outgoing, acrobatic and with an uncanny cappotential now no longer simplest to copy phrases however to additionally mimic the pitch of human voices very closely…a lot so, that one frequently questions a fowl or man or woman is talking. They have a tendency to expose affection through talking or “warbling” (they’re fairly “musical) and simply use their beaks in each play and aggression. However, in not unusualplace with smart, complicated creatures starting from kids to elephants, Yellow-Napes gift many challenges. They are very sturdy-willed, and in sterile (dull) environments or an unskilled owner’s hands, they fast flip to biting, screaming and different such behaviors. Mistreated or un-socialized birds positioned up for adoption are quality left to experts. Popularity engenders excessive prices, and Yellow Napes aren’t anyt any exception. The Spectacled Amazon, Amazona albifrons, is a cheap alternative. The smallest of the Amazons, it’s miles of a much less “boisterous” persona than the Yellow Nape and an brilliant mimic, however has a tendency to be pretty loud.


Yellow-Headed Amazons are stoutly constructed and degree 12-15 inches in length. Distinguishing them from associated species and subspecies may be difficult, as their figuring out feature – yellow feathers on the nape of the neck – isn’t always found in all people. Yellow-feathered regions may alternate with age, with a few people wearing yellow shoulders in time.

Range and Habitat

  • Yellow Napes occupy a slender variety alongside the Pacific Coast of Mexico and Central America, from japanese Oaxaca in southern Mexico to northwestern Costa Rica.
  • They common dry forests, wooded savannahs and cultivated fields, and are taken into consideration to be crop pests in a few regions.

Classification and Conservation

Yellow-Headed Amazon are once in a while taken into consideration to be a awesome species (Amazona auropalliata) however maximum ornithologists classify them as a subspecies of the Yellow-Crowned Amazon. This careworn taxonomy hinders Yellow Nape conservation efforts – they appear to be declining, however different Yellow Crowned Amazon subspecies are not unusualplace (8-nine variety from Central America to Peru).

Therefore, the IUCN lists the Yellow-Headed Amazon as Least Concern (CITES designation is Appendix II).

Two uncommon races (or subspecies) are known – the Honduras and the Roatan Yellow-Naped Amazons.

Social Life and Reproduction

Yellow Headed shape sturdy pair bonds and have a tendency to socialise much less with flock contributors than do different Amazons. Most of the each day foraging and preening is completed as a couple or own circle of relatives group. They do, however, roost in flocks of as much as numerous hundred birds, and there’s a fantastic deal of inter-flock communique simply earlier than night time falls. Fixed roosts are used, and the spectacle in their night go back is one of the highlights of any fowl-looking mission into Yellow Nape territory. Nesting women are fed through adult males and incubate their 2-three eggs alone. The eggs hatch in 26-30 days, and the chicks normally fledge at seventy five days of age. Related subspecies were located to make use of in holes withinside the floor as nests. Have you ever visible one of these expertise suggests on TV that showcases animals with exquisite skills? If you have, you’re already acquainted with the wonderful speaking and making a song skills of the amazon parrot. The budgie may maintain the document for the biggest vocabulary- yes, you study that right!- and the African gray may have the maximum advanced utilization of language, however the wonderful amazon holds the name for speech clarity! You will in no way hear, “What did your fowl say?” whilst an amazon enters the spotlight; it’s miles constantly as clean as human speech.

Furthermore, they’re higher singers than many human vocalists obtainable with platinum records. They in no way fail to entertain.

However, the amazon parrot calls for precise care as a way to thrive in captivity. A not unusualplace mistake that amazon proprietors make is underestimating the intelligence in their fowl. Science has currently positioned parrot intelligence in keeping with that of the small primates. This approach the simplest animals they recollect smarter are dolphins, fantastic apes and humans. Think approximately that for a moment. Consider what it’d be want to be that smart being and to be locked in a cage and not using a approach to utilize that mind power. It could be frustrating, dull and depressing. If you’re doing matters nicely together along with your fowl, you then definately are imparting plenty of toys for enjoyment and foraging possibilities to fulfill their intuition to look for meals. If you’re doing this, hats off to you for imparting as herbal a existence as you may for a fowl in captivity. But we can’t prevent there.

We can do higher!

Wild parrots spend maximum in their time hassle solving. Take those for example: locating sufficient and ok meals sources, attracting the ideal mate and the way to show that antique tree trunk right into a appropriate nest for destiny young. As you may imagine, matters do now no longer constantly cross as deliberate withinside the wild. There are storms, droughts and deforestation that every one stand withinside the manner of the ideal fireside and domestic for wild parrots bringing the want for innovative answers to problems.

They have wonderful intellectual abilties that cross untapped in captivity. They want and need each day intellectual stimulation We, at BirdTricks, advise education to fill the void. We recognize that you can now no longer be inquisitive about education your birds. You might not care in case your fowl can carry out the ideal wave or spin. You can be happy with the connection you proportion together along with your fowl: the fame quo. But is your amazon happy? Can it probable stay a satisfying existence offered with the equal matters day after day? Probably now no longer. Training opens the doorways to a international of getting to know on your fowl. It is a whole lot much less approximately WHAT you’re education your fowl to do and extra approximately the truth which you ARE education. Your fowl gets to apply its herbal cappotential to hassle remedy at the same time as looking to decide what wishes to return back subsequent to earn that treat. Every education enjoy is a touch exceptional from the day earlier than and new possibilities for getting to know and developing are continuously offered.

Guess what? While your fowl is getting to know approximately all of the new opportunities in existence, you may be getting to know approximately your fowl! You can have as many AHA! moments as your amazon while you recognize the wonderful matters it’s miles succesful of.


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