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Parakeets : Do They Make For Good Companions & Should You Get One?

What Are Parakeets Anyway?

Parakeets for sale : First and foremost, it is essential to observe that parakeets are not a particular parrot species, however as an alternative a time period used to explain any sort of small-sized parrot with lengthy tail feathers and a slim build. According to a few estimates, there are round a hundred and fifteen species withinside the Psittacinae (own circle of relatives Psittacidae) which can be given the label “parakeet.”

Are Budgerigars (Budgies) Part Of The Parakeet Family?

The maximum famous sort of parakeet is the budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus), aka budgie, which presently ranks because the maximum famous puppy parrot species withinside the world. So all budgies are parakeets, however now no longer all parakeets are budgies. Capiche? Also called the shell parakeet, this colourful small-sized parrot commonly functions a mild inexperienced frame with pitch-black mantle marking and yellow undulations. However, you could without difficulty discover budgies with blue and different colour mutations in recent times as well.  In the wild, the budgerigar lives solely in Australia, wherein it roams the wooded forests and coastal regions to forage on diverse seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Nowadays, the same old chicken you notice as a puppy is called the Australian or American parakeet, however in case you go searching you could discover one in every of their massive brothers called English budgies. Parakeets for sale

Diving Into The Pros & Cons

Now which you recognize what parakeets and budgies are, it is time to get right all the way down to enterprise to determine if they’re the proper sort of puppy for YOU. We’ll summarize the important thing advantages and disadvantages on each facets of the argument in bullet factors earlier than exploring them in greater element below… Parakeets for sale

Parakeet Pros:

  • Parakeets are loving creatures that crave the eye in their proprietors.
  • Make superb pets for households residing in small houses and apartments.
  • Excellent desire for households with small youngsters and different pets.
  • Can easily stay in smaller cages because of their small length.
  • Smaller parrots just like the budgie are less difficult to transport.
  • Relatively quiet (for a housebird!)
  • Produce much less mess than large species, making their cages and surrounding surroundings less difficult to easy.
  • Very affordable – Tend to consume much less than large parrots just like the African Grey, this means that proprietors will shop cash on meals and different requirements like toys.

Of course, you’ll want to get a cage to your parakeet (or any puppy chicken), and the cage have to be absolutely installation earlier than you carry your budgie domestic. Cage best and length is extraordinarily essential on the grounds that that is your parakeet’s domestic. Do your studies and assessment save earlier than purchasing. Your parakeet’s cage will maximum probable be your biggest prematurely expense, observed via way of means of the fee of the chicken himself. These small-to-medium sized birds make superb own circle of relatives pets because of their obviously affectionate conduct and playful disposition. Whether that is your first time elevating a parrot or now no longer, you will discover they make superb companions. Introducing a brand new puppy into your domestic, mainly a budgerigar, will make the transition tough however on the identical time amusing. Now with that said, there are some stuff you have to recognize approximately the species earlier than agreeing to undertake one. blue budgie on a tree branchIt is fantastically recommended that your parakeet’s cage have to be pretty roomy; at the least 1.five toes wide, 1.three toes tall, and at the least 1.three toes in depth. Parakeets are very active, as we noted earlier than, in order that they want a cage with sufficient area that allows you to unfold their wings. Parakeets for sale

For protection reasons, make sure that the cage bars aren’t anyt any greater than ½ an inch apart; curious “budgies” might also additionally discover a manner to get out, get stuck, or fall out of the cage if there’s an excessive amount of area among the bars. Purchasing a completely tall chicken cage is generally now no longer a terrific idea; width is higher than height. Parakeets want wingspan area and a tall, slim chicken cage might also additionally end up a waste of cash. Most birds, such as parakeets, experience more secure whilst they’re perched higher, so in case you purchase a completely tall cage, your “budgie” will maximum probable live on the pinnacle of the cage, losing all of the area on the bottom. A lot of parakeet proprietors love the smaller, greater oval, conventional designs, however ensure that the cage isn’t always too small. You don’t need your parakeet feeling constricted, and not able to unfold his or her wings, or flow easily across the cage. Starting off with a completely smaller cage can be fine, however it’s far wise, and kind, to improve as quickly as viable to a large, roomier cage. Parakeets for sale

Your parakeet’s cage is their domestic, and it’s far crucial that they experience safe, comfortable, and feature room to exercising and grow. It is likewise essential to often easy your puppy parrot’s chicken cage. Just as you will now no longer need to be residing in a cramped area that doesn’t permit for stretching and movement, your parakeet calls for the identical consideration. Take pleasure withinside the enclosure you buy and make it a actual domestic to your new own circle of relatives member. Enjoy the amusing and cheerfulness your parakeet will carry into your domestic. Their playful nature is what makes parakeets famous as pets, after all. If you begin schooling them young, you could without difficulty educate a parakeet to socialise with others via way of means of sincerely placing apart a while for the duration of the day to hang around with them. They are recognised to whistle and chirp, however an brought advantage is with more exercise may even examine some phrases and phrases! Parakeets for sale

If you experience that you’ll now no longer have the time to dedicate for your parakeet each day, then you definitely have to plan to get  or greater of those birds to hold every different company. Remember that parakeets thrive once they have ordinary companionship.

Parakeet Cons:

  • Don’t allow their small length idiot you into questioning those parrots are silent. While they do not squawk loudly, they are able to chirp constantly.
  • Short lifespan of 8-12 years (in comparison to 20+ for large parrots).
  • Relatively fragile health; can without difficulty get unwell with moderate temperature variations. Also vulnerable to tumors and liver problems.
  • Require ordinary exercising to stay healthful and beat back disorder and illness.
  • Parakeets do not showcase the identical excessive stage of intelligence as a number of the bigger species.
  • Parakeets are playful birds, quite smart, and additionally very famous as pets. Many are capable of shape a vocabulary of over one-hundred phrases.

If your plan is to get most effective one parakeet, you have to be inclined to be a terrific each day partner to your puppy. Since parakeets are obviously flocking birds, they’re bodily and mentally more healthy and happier in case you socialize with them.

Should I Own a Parakeet?

Parakeets for sale : Is the parakeet the proper parrot for you? Are you continue to questioning in case you’re equipped to undertake a puppy chicken? It definitely relies upon for your modern-day life-style and what kind of time you’re inclined to make investments into elevating and bonding together along with your new partner. Individuals and households who’re seeking out a small-sized, amusing-loving parrot will probable discover the parakeet to the be the suitable fit, while in case you’re seeking out large parrots have to in all likelihood stay with a Macaw or African Gray.

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