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Blue & Gold Macaw


A macaw is a bird that needs a great deal of discipline and a highly structured and busy lifestyle in order for it to grow into a well-adjusted pet.

Beautiful male and female Blue and Gold Macaws parrots for sale that are well tame, 11 months to 2 years old, can talk a little and come w/ a cage 36x48x77. These are our family pets. They are friendly, have never bitten anyone. It will take a couple of days to get used to to a new home and surroundings


Blue and gold macaw for sale

The Blue and Gold Macaw on the market is one of the maximum beautiful large parrots. it’s miles a sweet-tempered and affectionate parrot and has one of the fine all-around personalities of the huge Macaws. This chook makes a great companion for a single person. however it’s miles pleasant with every person, along with other birds, whilst it’s properly socialized. despite the fact that some Macaws are one-person kind birds, the Blue and Gold are right at home in a own family-kind state of affairs as nicely.

Bima, seen in the photo above, is a hand-fed Blue and Gold Macaw for sale. He initially got here to us at the age of about 2 months blue and gold macaw for sale then quickly have become all people’s favorite, as is ordinary for a Blue and Gold Macaw! also very fertile blue and gold macaw parrot eggs for sale

Adaptive to the environment
The Blue and Gold Macaw for sale may be very adaptive. some thing surroundings they’re in, it turns into pretty ordinary for them. If they are around many people, they’ll receive many people. while nicely educated and socialized, Blue and Gold Macaws revel in participating in all forms of out of doors and public activities with their owners. We’ve seen them attending public festivals on their owner’s palms. One female frequently took her Macaw together with her to Western line dance training. some other lady could take her Blue and Gold horseback riding with her. There are chook leashes available so you can take your feathered pal anyplace you pass, and that they just adapt. They journey properly in a automobile on a fowl car seat.

this is a energetic, bouncy bird that loves to play, climb, and have interaction. They need a couple of hours a day outside a cage to be glad. Blue and gold macaws are keen inexperienced persons. They may be taught a variety of hints and they’re regularly seen in animal behavior acts. they’re also one of the pleasant speaking of the Macaws and may study 15 to twenty phrases or expressions. however like several Macaws, this parrot has a noisy name, and it may be pretty vocal at times.

These are one of the most comfortably to be had of the big Macaws. they’re additionally one of the least pricey Macaws on the market. however like every Macaws, they do require proper socialization and consistent schooling to make precise pets. They bond very closely with their human beings. they’re very affectionate and will want your interest regularly.

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