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Congo African grey

Congo African Grey parrots are probably the most well-known bird in the entire pet industry. They are entirely grey, with the exception of their brilliantly red tails. Most individuals will maintain a bare patch of skin near their eyes, which will remain white.

is one of the most popular pet birds with an amazing ability to talk.
This fabulous bird is not only handsome but is also an inquisitive, interactive, and charming companion.
Their personality and intuitive nature will amaze and delight you,
and their antics will amuse you to no end. These are very intelligent social creatures,
making them an excellent pet for a devoted parrot owner.

African Grey Parrots are sought out as a pet for their good looks and strong speaking ability.

Yet talking is just one of the Grey Parrot’s learned skills,
they are also great mimics of the sounds in their environment.
They can distinguish and mimic the voices of individual people,
as well as things like the other birds, the phone ringing, the microwave, and more.

Although they can talk and mimic, they are neither overly noisy nor tend to engage
in loud shrieking calls like some of the other vocal parrots.

The bird guides for each of the two common species, the Congo African Grey Parrot,
and the Timneh African Grey, provide in-depth information about living with them and
their activity needs, along with housing, care, and feeding.

An African Grey will need frequent interaction and playtime outside of their cage.

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