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Indian Ringneck


Some being hand fed & some already weaned. These babies are weaned onto veggies, premium lower fat content quality seed, and Zupreem/ Roudybush pellets.


Indian ringneck  for sale

Indian ringneck for sale, at the side of their close cousin the African Ringneck Parakeets, belong in the Psittacula genus this is referred to as Ringneck Parakeets.

The normal color of the male Indian Ringneck Parakeet is a general inexperienced with its decrease abdomen place being lighter and the returned of the head has a bluish tint. A black ring that runs idea the chin and alongside the cheek. There it blends into a crimson collar with a few blue on the nape. The critical tail feathers are bluish, tipped with a yellow-green, and the outer tail feathers are green. The higher mandible of the beak is a red-orange and the lower mandible is black. thru home breeding, there’s a huge sort of shade versions, or mutations available.
The lady and immature male has no black ring, red collar, or blue tint at the lower back of the top. The younger reach their person plumage after their 2nd full molt, at about three years of age. those birds develop to a length of 16″ (forty cm).

Care and Feeding of Indian ringneck  for sale

clean meals and water should be supplied every day.
in the wild, Indian Ringneck Parakeets eat a variety of seeds, berries, culmination, nuts, blossoms, and nectar. similarly to these ingredients, you can provide them veggies and commercial pellets. additionally they enjoy the identical nutritional foods people eat, consisting of cooked fowl. Cooked beans, rice, and grains also are loved, but gentle foods like those will smash in about 4 hours. An occasional millet spray is a pleasing treat.

in case you word any aggressive behavior, it’s pleasant to avoid scolding because the chicken can increase a life-time worry of people. The pleasant manner to handle this bird is to ignore terrible behavior and use effective reinforcement for excellent conduct.

The cage for this hen wishes to be larger than you would possibly anticipate. It have to accommodate its lengthy tail and permit the hen hop round and play while you’re now not round. make sure the bar spacing isn’t large enough for them to get stuck in or get away through; the best size is half-inch to five/eight-inch spacing.

keeping Indian Ringneck on the market

The primary cage care consists of every day cleansing of the water and meals dishes. Weekly you ought to wash all the perches and grimy toys, and the ground should be washed about every other week. a complete hosing down and disinfecting of an aviary have to be finished yearly, changing anything that desires to be freshened, such as vintage dishes, toys, and perches.

Social Behaviors

inside the wild, those birds live in flocks and are very social. they have got a nice nature but will expand a screaming addiction if teased.

Indian ring-necked parakeets can make sweet, tame pets but will no longer continue to be so if not noted. If played with each single day, those birds may be loving, unswerving companions. If left out, you may have a biter on your fingers. those might not be the satisfactory birds for children, as ringnecks tend to be touchy to the commotion, along with night frights (thrashing across the cage throughout the night as if startled). Ring-necked parakeets are not shy birds, and will do exceptional with an owner who appreciates an outgoing companion that isn’t afraid to demand what it desires!

coping with/training

The Indian Ringneck Parakeet is wise! besides studying to speak, those parakeets are recognised to be notable at mastering tricks. some have been taught to string beads on a rope, twirl sticks approximately their head, ring a bell, and select up decided on objects.

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