Moluccan Cockatoo


Home raised and very friendly Umbrella Cockatoos for sale to any loving and caring home. They are home raised and all registered. We have raised them from their eggs to maturity. These sweet Cockatoos have a great vocabulary and they love to sing. These birds shall be going out with a cage and a bird manual we have prepared to help their prospective parents take good care of them. They are very friendly and will make perfect pets.

Age: 11 months to 3 years available


Moluccan Cockatoo for sale 

Scientific name: Cacatua moluccensis

The Moluccan cockatoo for sale (Cacatua moluccensis)

Moluccan cockatoo for sale

Moluccan cockatoo for sale, they could research to speak, as most cockatoos and are easy to educate all types of hints. Cockatoos, in trendy, are a very loving type of chook that wishes quite a few interest from their owners.
those birds are very active and curious about their environment. A happy cockatoo spends maximum of its waking time acting, or inspecting and manipulating its toys and other cage objects.

because of their loving characteristics and intelligence, Cockatoos have a completely excessive need for attention, affection, and interplay. A single cockatoo will thrive as your pet best in case you devote time and interest to it. you may need to spend a bargain of time playing with it and sharing affections on a normal daily basis.

however, puppy cockatoos may be perfect if you are not capable of commit so much time and attention because the fowl will demand. Bored cockatoos are infamous for growing horrific conduct which includes screeching and feather plucking. Having will help to save you horrific habits from growing by way of a bored bird.


dealing with/training of Moluccan cockatoo for sale
The cockatoo is distinctly wise however they’re not referred to as extraordinary talkers. Their potential to repeat some phrases or sounds can be achieved with repeated training, but this isn’t always the cockatoo’s power. Their exceptional potential comes from being notable performers! that is validated by way of such antics as dancing, gambling tug-of-conflict, mountaineering, and shaking.
Cockatoos will use “equipment”, various gadgets and toys to play and perform with, including curler skating. they’re very innovative and if toys are not furnished they may use what’s at hand. gadgets ‘at hand’ regularly take the form in their food dishes and perches.

Taming fundamentals:
so that it will manage and teach your cockatoo depends first on accept as true with, so cross slowly and be regular. Taming and education are satisfactory achieved in a room with few distractions.

preliminary schooling:
Taming proceeds in steps, begin with cage taming in which you may technique your cockatoo’s cage with out it jumping off its perch and heading to an contrary nook.
subsequent is hand taming, wherein your cockatoo will climb on your hand and let you carry it round. you can accomplish this by way of providing it treats from out of doors the cage until it’s far at ease together with your hand.
As your cockatoo will become relaxed with taking treats out of your hand, you then open the cage door and repeat the equal process however now you’re attaining into its cage with the treat. when you’ve earned it’s agree with, your cockatoo will start mountain climbing on your hand and allowing you to pet him.
superior education:
other education, together with tricks and imitating speech will take staying power and repeated efforts.

hen Cages:
For cockatoos, the bigger the enclosure you could provide, the better. the best size of any chicken cage need to be identical to at least three flight wingspans of the chook. some thing smaller is detrimental to the hen until it has freedom outdoor the cage. A minimal length cage to house a small cockatoo is 27″ x 27 ” x 39″ (70x70x100 cm), which should then be observed with often out of doors time for the bird to exercising. For larger cockatoos, a larger cage ought to be considered.
Horizontal bars are vital as your cockatoo desires to climb. keep in mind that due to the electricity of their beaks, cockatoos are able to bend bars and pop the joints on cages.

chook Perch:
provide one or perches about three/four′ in diameter and dishes placing from the side for feed, water, and grit. try to place the perches faraway from dishes so the meals and water dish do not turn out to be dirty with bird droppings. Do now not use plastic because your fowl will chew and smash the plastic and it could grow to be dangerous.

in which to place chook Cages:
Your cockatoo is very social and inquisitive, so the room you house your pet in need to be a room that gets visited regularly via the own family. place the cage at eye degree in a quiet sunny vicinity away from drafts.

Indoor Aviaries: For a small cockatoo the minimum length of a suitable indoor aviary is ready 39″ x 39″ x 78″ (100x100x200 cm), and of path large for the larger cockatoos.
out of doors Aviaries: an outdoor or breeding aviary needs to have a covered safe haven that can be heated and cooled in which important and feature a sand ground. Equip the flight cage with a perch at each stop. A mountain climbing branch and a birdbath are quality additions too.

Care and Feeding
residence your Moluccan in the biggest cage you may come up with the money for because they’re large birds and want lots of space. The cage also needs to be robust sufficient to save you a Moluccan cockatoo from destroying it. these are very social animals, and get alongside well with every other, so in case you aren’t home regularly, you may want to consider getting two. This need to now not have an effect on their pet high-quality.

meals for cockatoos need to be nutritious, but have to additionally encompass a foraging detail as properly. Cockatoos are a laugh-loving, wise, and active parrots, and their meals must mirror the ones tendencies. Wild cockatoos forage all day for seeds and nuts, in addition to coconuts and grain vegetation. like several associate parrots, cockatoos do not thrive on birdseed by myself. Cockatoo meals shouldn’t be uninteresting to consume, either, and could love meals like Avi desserts, Pellet-Berries, Nutri-berries, and Lafeber’s premium each day food plan Pellets.

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