Umbrella Cockatoos


We have 2 umbrella cockatoo for sale, a male and a female. They are unrelated and the male is about a year and the female for just over 2 years. These parrots are hand raised and have awesome personalities. Likes Singing, Dancing, and whistling very friendly, hand-fed and vaccinated come with all necessary papers, vaccination records, health certificate, and a free cage


Umbrella cockatoo for sale

Umbrella cockatoo for sale, like maximum cockatoos Umbrella Cockatoos make very loving pets that need plenty of attention. they can examine to speak, as can most cockatoos and are easy to educate all sorts of hints. buy cockatoo on line best if you could spend a whole lot of time with it. We als0 have to be had fertile umbrella cockatoo eggs for sale

due to their loving traits and intelligence, Cockatoos have a completely high want for attention, affection, and interplay. A unmarried cockatoo will thrive as your pet best if you dedicate time and attention to it. you’ll need to spend a good deal of time playing with it and sharing affections on a everyday each day basis.

Care and feeding
A roomy cage is needed (minimal 2 feet. x 2 toes. x 3 ft. excessive) until the fowl is to be let loose for extended durations. Many birds can spend maximum of their time on a playpen or parrot perch. They eat a selection of seeds, nuts, end result, and business pellets, as well as the equal nutritional foods people eat.

fowl meals:
some examples of dietary supplements are apples, pears, plums, raisins, oranges, bananas, peaches, carrots, broccoli, lettuce, chickweed, dandelions, and masses more! Do not feed avocado as it is toxic to birds!
come up with cockatoo fresh drinking water each day.

hen Baths:
maximum cockatoos do now not need to be washed any extra than a cat would. this is due to the fact they’re extraordinarily smooth via nature and preen themselves frequently. They obviously produce a tremendous deal of dust which aids in maintaining their wings and skin wholesome. but, a cockatoo’s hygiene might also include a weekly bathe or bathtub to put off gathered feather dirt. For the fowl, bathing is exactly an person choice, as within the wild a few cockatoos will revel in status inside the rain while others will dive for cover.
Bathing a cockatoo in some thing aside from simple water can change the pH of its feathers and might lead to troubles such as infections, or parasitic infestations like mites.

bird Grooming:
The beak and claws need to be trimmed if they’re now not worn down from climbing and chewing. a variety of concrete kind perches are to be had to assist the maintain nails trim, however they should still be trimmed in the event that they end up overgrown. because cockatoos will demolish mineral blocks, lava blocks, and different beak grooming gadgets in a count of a few minutes, they received’t work to hold beaks trim.

dealing with/training
The cockatoo is especially sensible but they may be now not known as outstanding talkers. Their ability to repeat a few phrases or sounds can be executed with repeated training, however this is not the cockatoo’s electricity. Their incredible capacity comes from being tremendous performers!
Cockatoos will use “gear”, numerous objects and toys to play and perform with, which includes roller skating. they may be very imaginitive and if toys are not provided they will use what’s to hand. gadgets ‘to hand’ often take the form of their food dishes and perches.

Taming basics:
on the way to deal with and teach your cockatoo depends first on consider, so move slowly and be regular. A hand-fed toddler will now not need a good deal taming and might frequently be handled right away, as it’s miles used to human interest.
preliminary schooling:
Taming proceeds in steps, start with cage taming wherein you can approach your cockatoo’s cage without it jumping off its perch and heading to an contrary corner.
next is hand taming, wherein your cockatoo will climb in your hand and will let you convey it around. you may accomplish this through offering it treats from outside the cage until it is relaxed together with your hand.
when you’ve earned it’s agree with, your cockatoo will start climbing for your hand and allowing you to puppy him.
superior education:
other training, consisting of hints and imitating speech will take staying power and repeated efforts.

personality and conduct of white cockatoo
The umbrella cockatoo for sale will truely make a fascinating, affectionate puppy, however it’s now not for every person. This fowl may be as fickle because the climate, gambling one minute and screaming and nipping the subsequent. Birds could be birds, with all in their quirks and caprices, and umbrellas are no exception, even though the informed umbrella proprietor is fortunate to live with this outstanding bird that was named after something ordinary — and critical.

The umbrella goals not anything greater than to cuddle with the object of its preference, and may come to be overly connected to other birds or gadgets inside the pet keep, leading to critical unhappiness while these birds or objects are bought” those birds are extraordinarily sentimental. within the wild, the umbrella is never with out a partner, and the captive umbrella has the equal instinctual patterning to bond to a mate, or at the least to have a unique friend. The quality manner to make an umbrella cockatoo sad is to preserve it in isolation.

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