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Double Head Amazon for sale 

Double Head  Amazon for Sale, often simply called Amazons or Amazon birds, are some of the most popular pet birds. They are medium to large parrots belonging to genus Amazona, and originally called Green Parrots. These parrots are mostly green birds, but with splashes of bright color on or around their head as well as their wings and tail feathers. They are long-lived, up to 50 years, or more in a good environment.

Amazons are intelligent handsome birds, renowned for their talking ability, have outgoing personalities, and are very social. They adapt quickly to their cage and can be quite playful, with dexterous agility for climbing about their cage or playpen. Their personality is such that they will form a close, loving bond with their keeper and become a life-long companion.

All these great qualities make Amazon Parrots highly sought after, but owners of these parrots need to be very committed. Amazons are generally calm and reasonable, but their personalities are quite complex. Living with an Amazon is similar to living a 2-year-old child in temperament and ability and for 50-plus years. But they are not children, they are parrots with instinctive, natural behaviors developed to survive in nature. They need a stimulating environment that provides activities, such as climbing areas and chewing toys to keep them content. They can be quite vocal too, but normally as the sun is rising and setting. Amazons require a keeper that is willing to provide training, socialization, and a good amount of attention.

The list of Amazon parrots below includes popular Amazon birds as well as lesser-known species. Each bird guide provides in-depth information about them, and about living with them. Amazon care covers diet and feeding, housing needs, activity requirements, and bird behaviors; with tips for handling and training Amazon birds, along with breeding information.

Amazon Parrots for Sale behavior

Amazon Parrots for sale are very social birds and a single parrot will make a wonderful pet if it gets plenty of attention. They adapt well to captivity, adjusting easily to their cage or aviary. These birds will tame quickly, bond to their keeper, and may soon begin to mimic the sounds. They enjoy the interaction and like their human companions.

Although Amazons make affectionate and loyal companions, they are not for everyone. They have a very long life span, 50 years (or more) in captivity. Most Amazon birds available as pets are only a generation or two away from their wild counterparts. These parrots still have their wild nature intact and can be unpredictable at times. Though they are desirable pets they require devotion and commitment from their keepers.

Amazon parrots need good socialization and training when young, and regular ongoing interaction and training. Behavior problems usually stem from something missing in the bird’s environment. Boredom, lack of trust, lack of interaction with other birds or people can lead to problems like biting, feather plucking and screaming. A bond of trust, providing a stimulating environment, and spending time with your bird can help avoid these problems.

Amazons can mix very successfully with children if the parrot gets used to the child. However, some Amazons can become extremely jealous of small children. It’s best to always be on your guard and supervise them when together. The same is true for other family pets, they may do very well, but again be cautious. Small pets and small birds can especially be at risk.

Care And Feeding

Most Amazon parrots love to bathe, and bathing opportunities can include joining their owner in the shower, getting a spray bath, or jumping in their water dish and splashing water all about. Bathing is an important part of Amazon’s feather health. Because of their love of food and their habit of begging for table foods from their owners, Amazon parrots tend to tip the scales toward being overweight. An Amazon parrot needs a spacious cage with toys and swings spread out, as well as a play gym/play tree, climbing rope, and/or ladders to scale to encourage movement and exercise.

An Amazon parrot’s main diet should consist of a nutritionally balanced manufactured diet, as well as an assortment of healthy vegetables, some fruit, and healthy treats that pack nutrition instead of empty calories. Amazon parrots seem to relish the texture of food almost as much as its taste, and especially seem to enjoy Lafeber Nutri-Berries and Avi Cakes. A properly cared for Amazon parrot that consumes a healthy, nutritionally balanced diet can live up to 65 years.

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