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Red Factor African Grey Parrot For Sale

Red Factor African Grey For Sale, we’ve got made it feasible so that it will be a Proud Owner of the Beautiful Red Factor African Grey’s! They may be to be had as pets to humans all around the world. They’re honestly stunning and desirable! The Red Factor African Grey will maintain usually maintain their excessive stage of intelligence and wonderful capacity to speak much like their herbal wild-coloured Grey cousins. Red African Grey. We were Breeding those birds now for 4 years. This breeding talent takes difficult committed paintings into locating the proper birds, and introducing them to every different. Sometimes this procedure can take years as African Greys do now no longer mature and breed till five to six years old. We have spent pretty a piece of funds, difficult paintings, quite a few time in attempting to find the proper birds to pair up collectively and that deliver the Red Factor Gene. And maximum of all, quite a few endurance in doing this proper. We now have made it feasible to deliver you the “Worlds Red Factor African Grey” We additionally promote Red Factor breeding pairs, and concentrate on African Grey Congos and Timnehs that deliver a heavy Red Factor Gene. These Exotics aren’t cheap, as manner an excessive amount of is going into, studying, and acquiring those Rare and Exotic birds which may be very time consuming.

The Red Factor African Grey will usually maintain their excessive stage of intelligence and wonderful capacity to speak much like their herbal wild-coloured Grey cousins. Breeding African Gray mutations, along with pieds – which consist of the F2 Pied African Gray with a different pink band throughout its abdomen, – isn’t but not unusualplace practice, however a few fantastic examples nonetheless exist. For example, the all pink African Grey, first bred in South Africa, marks the closing success in mutation breeding to date. In addition to specially bred mutations, there are clearly taking place mutations inside African Grey species, along with albino Greys, which haven’t any pigment and are all white and Incomplete Ino’s with best very partial pigmentation. There is likewise a blue African Gray species this is in reality gray however has all white tail feathering. However, only a few of those birds were bred correctly in captivity. Red Factor African Grey For Sale

Red Factor Congo African Grey Biography

Red Factor African Greys are an unbelievably uncommon genetic mutation of a conventional African Grey. This is a clearly taking place genetic mutation that’s why it’s so uncommon. As with all African Greys they’re extraordinarily shrewd. They will watch, and look at the whole lot withinside the residence they stay in. They will watch their proprietors going for walks to the door while visitors arrive, going to reply the telecellsmartphone or to the microwave each time it beeps. Then, they discover ways to mimic the ones sounds to get their proprietors attention. Red Factor African Grey For Sale


Red Factor Congo African Greys are the equal length as conventional Congo’s which makes them large then Timneh African Greys. They develop to fourteen inches. They have pink, gray feathers on their back. The feathers on their sides, and down their legs are pink and gray with white accents. The beneathneath aspect in their wings are mild gray with pink accents, and pink with mild gray accents. Their flight feathers are a combination of darkish gray with darkish pink accents or white accents, and darkish pink with darkish gray accents or white accents. Their stomachs are a combination of gray with pink, and white accents and pink with gray, and white accents. The belly feathers fade to white with mild pink accents, and mild pink with white accents that flip nearly absolutely white at the bottom in their brilliant blood pink tail. Red Factors much like all African Greys are amazing, and shrewd parrots. They are taken into consideration the best of the parrot family, and the excellent talkers. Due to this, there are positive behaviors that African Greys are vulnerable to if now no longer handled, and educated correctly. Also, if now no longer given sufficient socialization they’ll in no time become a “one person” chicken which may be very difficult to interrupt them of. All Congo African Greys generally stay to sixty five years, however are actually recognized to stay a good deal longer because of higher diets, and care that’s now to be had. Thought, and attention need to pass into the buying of a partner chicken due to the fact those are lifetime companions. Red Factor African Grey For Sale

Care and feeding of Red Factor African Grey For Sale

Do now no longer feed birds fruit seeds, avocados, chocolate, onions, apple seeds, raw beans, raw rice, alcohol or caffeine as those can reason extreme clinical problems, and kill them

  • A Red Factor Congo African Grey’s weight loss program need to include 70% pellets, and 30% clean fruit & veggies. They may be very choosy eaters, which ends up in humans giving them seed as their most important supply of meals. This will reason fitness problems, weight loss program issues, and obesity. They do want a massive quantity of social interplay to be able to bond with your “flock”. They are taken into consideration the maximum shrewd of all parrots , and want quite a few stimulation to maintain them from turning into competitive or self mutilating.
  • Red Factor African Greys are rather shrewd. They want a constant deliver of diverse toys, and socialization to maintain them mentally stimulated. All Africans want lots of intellectual stimulation, and socialization to assist maintain them happy, and to maintain them from turning to neurotic and self negative behaviors which African Greys are recognized to do if they’re now no longer cared for properly. They want a whole lot of distinct sized perches to assist exercise, and stretch their feet.
  • In the wild the African Grey Parrots eats seeds, nuts, fruits, and leafy vegetation. These birds will climb across the tree, as opposed to flying, selecting up meals and conserving it with a foot even as consuming. They experience consuming the outer flesh of the oil-palm nut, and were located consuming snails. In West Africa, with a keenness for grains, it’s miles stated they’ve turn out to be as an alternative formidable pests attacking the maize fields.
  • Foods in your puppy chicken will consist of a equipped made massive hookbill seed blend enriched with vitamins. Their nutritional necessities consist of reassets of calcium and Vitamin A. They consume a whole lot of sprouts, seeds, nuts, fruits, greens, industrial pellets, in addition to the equal dietary ingredients people consume. A cuttle bone or a calcium block is a great supply of calcium.
  • Red Factor African Grey For Sale need to now no longer be fed a weight loss program this is excessive in fats and protein. A lean weight loss program is suggested as latest research have indicated coronary heart sickness and arteriosclerosis taking place in Greys of their past due young adults and twenties.

*Fresh greens you may provide consist of mustard greens, inexperienced peas, cucumber, younger dandelion greens, candy corn, beet greens, carrots, broccoli, unsprayed lettuce, chickweed, dandelions, eggplant, inexperienced peppers, sorrel, spinach leaves, tomatoes and zucchini

*Fruits that you may provide consist of, apples, peaches, apricots, bananas, pears, plums, raisons, and maximum different fruits.

*Avocado and chocolate are taken into consideration poisonous for birds and sugar and salt need to be avoided.

Most parrots experience and coffee bathe or tubtub. A bathe may be carried out with both a hand-held bathe sprayer or a hose with a quality spray head and lukewarm water. A tubtub pan or ceramic dish 12″-14″ (30-35 cm) may be located on the lowest of the cage or installed at approximately 39″ (1m) above the ground in an aviary.The wings of parrots need to be saved trim in case you need to deter flight and to save you the lack of your puppy thru an open window or door. However you need to take care to best trim a few (3-five) feathers due to the fact that is a heavy bodied chicken, and may be harm if it falls even as taking brief flights. The beak and claws want to be trimmed if they’re now no longer worn down from hiking and chewing.

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